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What ?

All these tracks are royalty-free, P.R.O. free, and ready to synchronise with any support of your choice.

Why ?

Different needs and different budgets whiches don't require tailor made music.

How ?

To buy and use one of these tracks, send me a mail or use the contact form of the Contact section and mention the music you want to use and the licensing you need to use it. You'll receive quickly an answer with a Copyright Assignment Agreement / Invoice for the requested licensing, my profesionnal bank coordinates and the music you want in lossless quality format (.wav or .aiff).

Please introduce yourself and be precise about your project and where you come from, so I can create an adapted invoice. Also I won't answer if it doesn't seem serious.

How much ?

There are two different licensings / rates.

PRIVATE (50 €) : For personal or internal use only. 

It includes life events (personal) or institutional films, internal organizational meetings, training sessions, shareholder meetings within a single organization (internal)...  This licence doesn't authorize public audience or web broadcasting of any kind. The music is not exclusive and can be resynchronized by another broadcaster / client.

PUBLIC  (100€) : For personal, internal and external use.

It includes the previous licence, plus public events, external presentation and also web / digital marketing. This licence authorizes public audience or web broadcasting / streaming of any kind.

It doesn't include the television broadcast.

The music is exclusive to one project, and won't be sold or used again by anyone but you.

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